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“I have failed over and over again and that is why I succeed.”

Michael Jordan, American basketball icon

"Preparation is finished, the body is ready, the conditions are perfect – yet, the results don’t show it. High Performance coaching focuses on balancing thoughts, emotions, body and spirit. In teams, the connection between players is cleared and strengthened, they wake up for each other. Collaborative action re-boots confidence and brings back the fun – and with that: positive results."

Anne Merrem

High Performance -

Love for ideal movement

Sport is movement, high performance sport is mastery of ideal movement. To get there, we train, train, ...and train. „Repetition is the mother of skill.“ Attention to detail while supremely anchored in the present moment – that is how we train.

In volleyball, we might only focus on the hands during a block. In sprinting, we find the perfect angle for the dominant foot in the block; in soccer the curve of the long shot. We take it apart to put it back together – we train the detail to train the whole and vice versa. Fact is: the best of us have put in more than 10,000 hours of practice.

Repetition is key.
Sometimes, we don’t feel like it. We lack patience. It becomes boring. Yet it makes us better.

So far so good. The crux of the matter is motivation. Motivation to train, to compete, to go through the grind. With a lack of enthusiasm to train, we might as well stay home. No fun – no progress.

This is precisely where high performance coaching begins: inspiring new motivation by igniting curiosity. What brought you here was passion – what keeps you here is fine-tuning – by finding the fun again in this: your life.

Having fun is key to your motivation.

For yourself and for the team.