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„The team is the star.“

John Wooden, most successful US basketball coach ever

“Anne Merrem is a great person to work with in any professional or personal endeavor. She is a positive individual who incorporates her variety of skills to encourage, mentor, and coach individuals and/or groups. I recommend her as an effective high performance coach for any goal seeking and goal pursuing journey.”

Khadevis Robinson,
8maliger US-Meister über 800m und Endlauf-Teilnehmer bei Olympia 

It is not about us.
It is through us.

My approach is whole – in sport and in business coaching. Because people are whole. New functions, change, different perspectives – these are the challenging topics in sport and business alike.

I use a variety of aspects from my education and experience which range from:

  • Education
  • Psychology
  • Philosophy – Western and Eastern
  • Sport Science
  • Sport Psychology: i.e. goal setting, relaxation, visualization, self-talk, awareness and control, concentration, feedback, distinction, acknowledgments, rituals, meditative techniques and periodization of training
  • Training Theory
  • Neuroscience

In addition, I integrate my experience of the last 25 years sport and business, training, coaching and teaching.

My basic values are honesty, kindness and boldness. I encourage, cheer on and stick with it. I come from team sports. Teams consist of individuals and are on a mission to find the best way of functioning as a whole. Men or women, boys or girls.

I love games to be serious fun and I bring passion and know-how to the game.