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At home in Germany and in the USA

I have always enjoyed venturing into the new, unknown, even risky. The inner strength I have gained on the way is what I share with you in coaching. Personal growth is based on embracing change.

Born in Zebediela, South Africa
Raised in Wittlich, Germany
Graduated from High School in Wittlich, Germany
B.A. in German Literature and Political Science at Albert Ludwigs Universitaet, Freiburg, Germany

Moved to the US in 1984:

  • M.A. Education, Curriculum & Instruction, Boise State University, Boise, Idaho
  • B.A. High Performance Leadership Training, Sage University, New York, NY and Ibiza
  • Many years of experience of working in various positions of responsibility with world class performers such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robert Redford, Edwin Moses, Evander Holyfield and others
  • Training in Mental Coaching and certification in „The Centered Stretch“, a Zen-based approach to coaching, Los Angeles, California
  • USA Track & Field certified Level II endurance, sprint, hurdles and relays coach
  • High Performance Coach for the cross country, middle and long distance team of the women at UCLA, Los Angeles, California
  • Co-founder, President and CEO of Youth Track & Running Club, Santa Monica & Beverly Hills, California
  • Trained as Yoga-, Pilates, Nordic Walking and Fitness coach
  • Facilitator of numerous Communication-, Team-, Performance- and Business Coaching in the US and Europe; among them Nike Team Run LA, CAHPERD, Socci, USA Track & Field, Biogenes, ukb Berlin and more

Have worked as a high performance coach in the US since 2003.

Residence in Germany since the summer of 2009.

High Performance coach and trainer in Berlin.